This Cream Is a Catch! My Experience with Kedma’s Hydrating Day Cream

a woman smiling

With the holidays coming, malls are now packed with Filipinos looking to buy gifts for their loved ones. Personally, I am a beauty and skincare enthusiast, which explains the giggles you hear whenever I am presented with a makeup or skincare kit. Speaking of the latter, I have been drawn lately to the range of products offered by Kedma Skincare. When I look for a skincare brand, I usually check for natural ingredients in their products, the maintenance they require, and the noticeable results they produce. Considering that I might as well pamper my busy self with gifts this season, I bought Kedma’s hydrating day cream and tried it as soon as I got home.

Natural Ingredients

When I read the ingredients labelled on the day cream, I found that it contains dead sea salt, de-mineralized water, and montanov. This is consistent with the online reviews I read saying that Kedma uses natural ingredients. For example, the brand is known for incorporating orange extract, sandalwood oil, sesame oil, cacao seed butter, and other natural ingredients that I honestly find interesting. After all, you do not see these often in many skincare products since they are hard to acquire. This speaks a lot about the dedication of the brand.

An Ideal Skincare Routine

woman applying cream on her face

After applying the hydrating day cream for a few days, I began to find it so easy to use compared to my prior skincare products. When I applied the product on my face, I felt this soothing sensation that did not make me uncomfortable at all. I took this as a sign that the product working its way through my skin. I also made sure to apply the cream before going to work, because it would keep my face moisturized under the sun. With the tropical climate we have, it is always best to wear sun protection on our faces.

Results Worth Paying For

It was not even more than two weeks when I started to get compliments from my coworkers regarding my glowing, supple skin. Even I was surprised. I had been so busy with weekly tasks that I did not notice my face looking better after applying the product as instructed. While the price for the hydrating day cream was admittedly high, I did not even mind it that much. Seeing the quick results made me realize that it was a product worth paying for.

In the end, I started recommending the product to my colleagues, friends, and some family members. When my relatives came over to help me prepare for the holidays, my aunts lamented the condition of their faces, which according to them looked sagging or tired. I showed them the hydrating day cream from Kedma and swore on its results. It did not take much to convince them since they only had to look at my face for proof. With the positive experience I have had with Kedma, I now know what to buy as gifts for my friends. I encourage you to try these products and enjoy your beautiful skin.