The Black Mud Miracle: Skin Detox, Healing, Regeneration, And More

Mud mask

My face is so prone to blackheads. Sadly, no matter how faithfully I cleanse, tone, and moisturize, I still end up with those unsightly sebum-filled micro-craters on my face. Because of this, I used to get facials regularly, which are painful on the face and abrasive on the wallet.

Then I discovered black mud masks by Kedma Philippines.

I’m a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to skincare, so I discovered mud masks kind of late. But here are their most basic benefits, they:

  • Unclog pores of dirt, debris, and impurities
  • Help control excess oil and acne
  • Moisturize and nutrify the skin

Not all mud masks, however, are created equal. Some have specializations too. For example, bentonite clay has antibacterial and antifungal properties on top of its tightening and acne-control benefits. Fuller Earth clay masks minimize hyperpigmentation, while Kaolin is ideal for sensitive skin. French Green masks promote better circulation.

Finally, there’s Black Mud from the Dead Sea, a mask known for its powerful anti-aging benefits and a whole lot more.

Black mud from the Dead Sea

Black mud mask is something I’d like to call the holy grail of mud masks because it combines all the good things about mud facials, and adds to it a couple more because of its mineral-rich composition:

  • Magnesium brings accelerated cell metabolism and anti-allergy benefits.
  • Boron brings relief from psoriasis symptoms.
  • Zinc stimulates collagen, cell regeneration, and skin renewal.
  • Bromide heals cells, reduces inflammation, and is a natural antibiotic.
  • Chloride balances your skin’s alkalinity level.
  • Overall, it reverses the signs of aging.

What’s made black mud this amazing is that it comes from (one of the most if not) the most mineral-dense place on the Earth (the Dead Sea, of course). The Dead Sea has over 20 minerals in high concentration present in its salty waters and mud. Twelve of these 20 can’t be found anywhere else. This makes black mud truly special.

The Kedma Black Mud Mask Experience


Of course, we need to put this mask to the test and find out if it’s everything it says it is.

Upon opening the sturdy yet classy silver-and-gold jar, you’ll see that there’s nothing special about how the product looks. It’s grey mud. But the moment you apply it on your face, it feels luxurious and self-indulgent.

At first, it’s cool and soothing. And then you’ll begin to feel your skin tighten up but without pain or harshness. The product is gentle and has no strong scent. You may catch a faint wisp of aromatic lavender, which is calming and pleasant on your skin and senses. The cool sensation turns to warmth as the mud dries and pulls out toxins from your skin. During this part, I imagine moisture being infused on my skin cells.

The instructions say to leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and to gently rinse it off with warm water using a circular motion. The product is easy to wipe off. After rinsing it off, the skin feels undeniably tighter, cleaner, but without a trace of dryness. If you look in front of the mirror, you’ll notice that your pores may be less visible.

And that’s just your first black mud mask experience.

Weeks later, you’ll notice that pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads (if you have them) will lessen. Discolored skin will also even out. The skin starts to have that youthful glow that becomes noticeable by friends and family.

If you’re looking for a natural path to healthier skin, give the Dead Sea’s black mud a try. Youthful skin that you can flaunt even without makeup us best achieved using Mother Nature’s best-kept secrets.