Managing Dark Spots with a Simple and Effective Beauty Regimen

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Having flawlessly beautiful skin is every girl’s dream, but unfortunately, not all of us could have a naturally clear and blemish-free complexion. Often, acne and constant sun exposure may leave us with uneven skin tone. But an active life often requires people to spend time outside, and sometimes using the wrong product results in uneven skin tones and acne.

If you want to prevent such skin issues or get rid of dark or uneven patches, you need to follow this simple method to prevent acne and improve your skin condition. All you have to do is to be consistent in doing this regimen daily.

1. Don’t Touch or Pop Your Pimples

As hard as it is to resist popping them, pimples can get worse when you do that. There’s a high chance of infection and breakout when you touch or pick on it. That’s not the only thing. You’d have to deal with unwanted spots for months. The best thing you can do to manage your pimples is to apply benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. These can help heal and dry out your acne. Additionally, always follow the general rule of cleansing, tone and moisturize. This is to prevent them from appearing at all.

2. Invest in a  Serum or Cream

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There are ways you can improve your skin’s tone, and one of these is a serum. Serums provide moisturization and heal dark spots. Origani’s Complexion Perfection Bright Serum or Hydrating Day Cream has proved effective n improving skin tone and removing dark spots. Origani client reviews have stated how effective the serum is, but you should also choose a serum that suits your skin condition.

Finding a formula that would help correct your skin tone might be a challenge, but a quick search online could help you find this product and where you can purchase it. After a few weeks of use, you can visibly see improvements. It’s also not too heavy on the skin and is easy to apply.

Right before putting moisturizer, always apply this brightening serum. Months of consistent application can give you a flawless and healthier glow.

3. Wear Sunscreen to Fight Off UV Rays

The biggest culprit of hyperpigmentation is exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. If you want to keep a blemish-free skin, it’s important to use sunscreen. When picking a cream or lotion, always go for a product with SPF 30.

It is a must that you apply it daily to strengthen the protective layer of your skin. This can prevent damage as well as protects your complexion. If you want to enjoy that glow, you need to start using sunscreen as well.

This is the three-step beauty routine you have to remember whenever you’re dealing with uneven skin tone. Be sure to keep these steps in mind to maintain that healthy and flawless glow.

If you have extra sensitive skin, it’s best to get your dermatologist’s approval before using anything. Before buying anything, always do a skin test to find out if it’s suitable for your skin type.