How to Protect Your Skin Against Common Cold Season Woes

woman in cold weather

It’s very tempting to just hibernate inside your house in front of a cozy fire when it’s cold and blustery outside. Chances are though that you can’t, so you’ll need to face the cold weather sooner or later. To help make sure that your skin is protected against the drying elements outside, it’s an excellent idea to amp up your hydrating and moisturizing routine. Below are some of the most common skin issues associated with the cold season and what you need to do effectively manage them.

Chapped and Extra-Dry Lips

Because of the cold weather, and the sniffles that usually accompany it, you might have to breathe through your mouth, which in turn makes your lips susceptible to dryness and chapping. Once your lips are fissured and cracked, they could take days or weeks to heal since you regularly use them for talking, eating, etc. To prevent this from happening, exfoliate your lips nightly with sugar or clean washcloth, apply a hydrating lip serum, and then top off with a lip mask or balm.

Dry and Tight Skin on Your Face

woman touching her dry face

Aside from continuing your daily hydrating and moisturizing face routine, you could further safeguard your face against the cold weather by applying a facial mask every other day. Face masks are thicker than your typical night moisturizer and are designed to deliver maximum hydration while you sleep. Try the Facial Collagen Mask from Kedma Skincare Philippines, enriched with marine collagen, Dead Sea minerals, and elastin for tightening the skin and delivering intense hydration and moisturization. It’s also packed with antioxidants vitamins C and E to protect against free radicals and sun damage, boost the skin’s natural collagen production, and improve blood circulation. Additionally, it contains shea butter, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and avocado oil for extra moisturization.

Super Dry and Itchy Legs and Arms

Indoor heat and hot showers during cold weather could easily suck out moisture from your skin, leading to dry, itchy skin. Opt for a thicker moisturizer such as a body butter instead of creams or lotions and apply it on damp skin every time after you shower. Body butters usually contain nourishing oils and emollients to hydrate the skin and keeping moisture locked in.

Flaky Patches of Skin

Troublesome patches of dry skin could magically appear for various reasons. For instance, if your elbows or knees are predisposed to dryness, cold weather could easily aggravate it. Likewise, that thin skin between your lips and nose could become irritated due to constant nose blowing. To counteract these, apply a multipurpose, moisturizing healing cream or balm to your problem areas as needed.

General Dehydration

This is the best time to invest in a humidifier, if you haven’t already, because it can help resolve cold weather troubles such as dry skin, dry sinuses, and chapped lips. Essentially, humidifiers work by producing water vapor to boost moisture in the air.

Between the heated indoors and the cold windy outdoors, cold season is also dry skin season. Thankfully, there is a myriad of products to help you get through this season. You just have to pick out the ones that best suit your skin woes.