How to Achieve Summer-Ready Skin

woman basking under the sun

While planning beach trips and buying clothes fit for summer will help you mentally prepare yourself for summer, don’t forget that your skin needs some preparation, too. For smooth and radiant skin that you’ll feel confident baring, you have to level up your exfoliating and moisturizing efforts. Consider the following hacks to refresh your skin and get it ready for summer:

Reveal Glowing and Smooth Skin

Your goal is to get rid of your skin’s outermost layer, which is basically made of dead skin cells. The key is to do it thoroughly but with utmost care. Skincare products that can exfoliate the skin usually chemically contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), polyhydroxy acids, and salicylic acid that make your skin shed its outermost layer to reveal new skin. Scrubs, polishing cloths, and brushes also offer practical ways for smoothening rough areas, while rotating brushes function by physically removing dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion kits and exfoliating cloths work the same way.

For exfoliating the body, opt for a scrub with exfoliating particles that melt easily, such as salt or sugar to avoid irritating your skin. Consider Lemongrass Salt Scrub from Kedma Skincare Philippines. This combines the power of actual Dead Sea salt and minerals, lemongrass extract, as well as various natural oils such as sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, and sunflower oil to gently but effectively exfoliate your skin’s topmost layer and soften and nourish your skin as well. It’s also enriched with the antioxidant-rich Dunaliella Seaweed for improving blood circulation to your skin. After exfoliating your face and body, always follow up with hydrating and moisturizing serums, essences, and creams.

Protect Your Skin After Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair

woman in the beach

After successfully removing unwanted hair, give your skin sufficient time to heal before you sweat it out outdoors, lie out in the sun, or swim. This means that you should refrain from activities that will make you sweat or expose you to heat for 48 hours at least, regardless if you shaved, waxed, or epilated. If you really must do some sweat-inducing activities before the recommended 48-hour recovery time, you can try buffering your still-tender skin by applying oil-free sunscreen and dusting on talc-free powder after five minutes. In addition, to prevent pesky ingrown hairs, opt for loose and light clothing and apply a product with AHAs or salicylic acid to prevent the formation of troublesome bumps.

Keep Your Footsies Happy

To ensure that your feet will look great in sandals and slippers, don’t forget to give them some TLC as well. In the shower, apply foot scrub and scrub the outermost layer with a pumice stone or file. Afterwards, slather on a rich cream and then cover your footsies with plastic wrap and thick socks. Leave overnight, and you’ll wake up to soft baby skin. Do this once or twice a week for maintenance.

Keep these tips in mind to get glowing and flawless skin before heading out for your summer adventures. Take out those sundresses, tank tops, short shorts, and strappy sandals and welcome the summer with confidence and radiant skin.