How I Take Care of My Face Care, Skin Care, Beauty Tips, Health Tips,to Keep It Looking Young

woman touching her skinIf you have the choice, would you want to remain wrinkle-free for the rest of your life? Probably, you’d wanted time to stop when you were in your early 20s—when your skin looked perfectly firm and clear.

I’d have to admit that like you, I’d want to keep my skin free of wrinkles forever. So I do everything to maintain the firmness and elasticity of my skin.

Firming Cream

To keep my skin looking young, first, I make sure to use Kedma Philippines’ Royalty Firming Cream. It promises to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and girl, does it deliver! I’ve been using this product for over five months now, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin. My neck and decolletage look firmer and my face looks definitely better than before. Even my smile and frown lines have improved, all thanks to this cream.

Vitamin C

Next, I make sure to up my Vitamin C intake. This specific type of vitamin is known to improve the overall look of the skin, most especially wrinkles. I take my Vitamin C supplements every day and if I can, I incorporate Vitamin-C enriched types of food in my diet as well. These include broccoli, sprouts, oranges, kiwi and tomatoes.


Lastly, I make sure to exfoliate at least once a week. This keeps the dead skin cells away, making my skin look refreshed and rejuvenated. I use an exfoliant that contains glycolic acid, which is great for keeping the skin clean and completely pollution-free.

Drinking lots of water also help clear up the skin and make wrinkles disappear. Make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water every day to stay hydrated.

Despite all the stress and pollution present in this world, staying youthful is possible. You just have to take good care of your skin and body, and you’ll look flawless.