Here’s How Powder Foundation Changed my Makeup Game

woman with makeup

If you personally know me, then you would know that I simply cannot live without foundation or makeup base. It’s definitely not that I am not comfortable enough to show my naked skin, but because I love how good and flawless it makes my skin look right after applying it.

I am a huge fan of liquid foundation, especially since the trend with it began a couple of years ago. A huge number of beauty influencers started the trend and people went gaga over it. This, of course, includes me since I am a self-confessed makeup addict and I never let a good makeup deal pass up.

Being addicted to makeup has its perks since I find a lot of makeup products that I swear by simply because I keep on buying more. I just cannot get enough of it, you know. In fact, just a few months ago, I discovered Origani’s Mineral Powder Foundation. I was a bit hesitant to try it since I am loyal to liquid foundation formulas, but its claims made me curious about it.

Did I give in and buy it?

After a few minutes of thinking, I gave in and bought the foundation. I was impressed with the claims that it had me sold in minutes. I am in the shade A2 since I have tan skin and yellow undertones. I was nervous that the shade was not going to compliment my skin, but I was totally wrong since it matched my skin tone so well. It didn’t make me look ashy or grey, and it definitely is not too light for my skin tone. The shade is just right, which made me happy.

woman with makeup

I was amazed by how the powder felt like, as it was so smooth and fine. It didn’t accentuate my pores. In fact, it made them almost invisible! My pores are visibly smaller after applying the foundation, which makes me happy since I have quite large and problematic pores.

The product also gave me a luminous and healthy glow, which is what I really look for in a foundation. I hate makeup products that make my skin look flat and unnatural, as it looks like I am wearing tons of makeup. I still want my skin to show up and look like I am not wearing makeup when I actually am. This is what the product looks like, which is why it is no mystery that I really grew to love this foundation.

Another thing that I have loved about this is that it has rice powder as an ingredient. Rice powder is known to absorb excess oil on the skin and make it look soft and silky, so if you have oily skin, then this would be perfect for you, too.

I sometimes use this on its own, but if I feel like I need more coverage, then I go ahead and apply my liquid foundation first then I use this to set it. I also use it at times to “bake” my undereye area, which is what it’s really good for since the powder is so finely milled.

Go ahead and try it today to see what I am talking about!