Treating Tired and Cracked Feet: Black Pearl Velvet Foot Cream

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Treating Tired and Cracked Feet: Black Pearl Velvet Foot Cream

People tend to forget that the feet need just as much care and moisture as the rest of the body, if not more. Our feet carry our entire weight and take us places, so it’s only right to pamper them whenever we have the chance.

I’ve been trying various Black Pearl skin care products over the past few months because they’re decadent to the skin. This is why I was so happy to find out that they had something I’ve been looking for: a treat for my feet that’s also a treatment for my dark secret – cracked feet, especially my cracked heels.

What causes cracked feet?

Before I dive into treating my feet, we need to get to the root of the matter first: what causes dry, cracked feet?

Cracked feet are common because many of us forget to moisturize our feet. Barring medical causes, such as high blood sugar, vitamin deficiencies, fungal infections, skin diseases or other medical conditions, the main causes of cracked feet are things we do every day. Health resource website Healthline lists the main cause to be calluses – areas of thickened skin – that crack as our fat pad expands when we walk. Other causes they list are as follows:

  • standing for long hours
  • walking around barefoot, or with open-back sandals
  • taking long, hot showers
  • using harsh soaps that can strip your skin of natural oils
  • shoes that don’t fit properly or support your heels
  • dry skin due to climate, such as cold temperatures or low humidity

Before starting any treatment for your cracked feet, it’s best to check with your doctor to make sure that yours isn’t caused by a medical condition. You may need more than a topical cream as treatment in that case.

My Foot Cream Experience

Now we get to the fun part: I get to talk about trying Black Pearl Velvet Foot Cream!Black Pearl Velvet Foot Cream

I had first heard about Black Pearl skin care Philippines in reviews, and was excited to find out that it is available in the Philippines. Black Pearl is a luxury skin care line by Sea of Spa that boasts using pure minerals from the Dead Sea in all their products. What attracts me to luxury brands is the higher concentration of the primary ingredient they use for their products. In the case of the Black Pearl Velvet Foot Cream, that ingredient is seaweed.

Seaweed and similar products – that is, sea kelp and algae – are well known for their superior hydrating properties. This makes seaweed the perfect ingredient for products that treat extremely dry and damaged skin. Apart from its intense moisturizing properties, seaweed is also known for anti-aging properties, reducing the appearance of lines and restoring elasticity to the skin. Finally, seaweed is anti-inflammatory, which makes it ideal for severely cracked feet that are beginning to become painful. Black Pearl’s Velvet Foot Cream is enriched with seaweed, and together with the minerals from the Dead Sea and its rich cream formulation, this makes for one powerful moisturizer.

As a frequent traveler and a nature adventurer, I’m guilty of walking around a lot and forgetting to moisturize my feet – that’s how I got my cracked heels. I had to do a long soap and warm water soak to soften my skin and a little exfoliation to remove some of the dead skin cells and calluses on top before I could apply the cream, so my feet weren’t at their worst when I tried the cream.

I love the rich texture of the cream – it’s not a watery lotion, but a thick cream with mousse-like consistency. The fresh scent is an added bonus, as it reminds me of the ocean. But what I love about it is the fact that as soon as I lathered it on, my feet soaked it up immediately. While no product shows you immediate drastic results, I felt a huge improvement immediately after application – my heels, already softened by the long soak I did before applying the cream, felt even softer and smoother. The smaller cracks have somehow disappeared; only the bigger, more stubborn cracks remain. I’m willing to bet that with continued use, even those will disappear eventually and my feet will be restored back to health.

Another thing I like about this product is that there’s no prescribed time for you to use it – you can reapply as needed. I’ve been applying once during the day and once at night, both after soaking my feet in soap and warm water for 15 minutes, and it seems to be working for me. You may need to apply more or less depending on how severely cracked your feet are.

I’ve been using it for a week and I’m pleased with the results so far. At $59.99 or a little over Php 2,900 for 150 ml, it is a little expensive, but it is a luxury brand and it does deliver on its promise of nourishing your cracked feet. It’s a treatment and a pleasant treat for your feet rolled into one!

You can find out more about the Black Pearl Velvet Foot Cream or other Black Pearl Philippines products by going to one of their locations in a Makati mall or going to Sea of Spa’s Facebook page.