Steal Her Style: Liza Soberano’s Summer Look

Everybody loves Liza Soberano. The famed It Girl of Manila has the attitude of a saint and the face of a goddess. Honestly, it’s hard not to be entranced by her.

Because of her successful showbiz career, Liza is now, inevitably, a fashion icon. Just about any outfit she sports, whether it’s a Michael Cinco gown at the Star Magic Ball or a casual shirt-and-jeans getup on her dress down days, is a winner. We just can’t get enough of her look as she braces the summer heat.

High Ponytail

We all know Liza Soberano takes after the Hollywood diva Ariana Grande. The “Dangerous Woman” singer never performs without her trademark high ponytail and Liza is just as into the look as we are.

The high pony is not only cute — it’s also an easy ‘do to do that saves us from the heat. Comb your hair back and tie it up with an elastic band to keep strands of hair from falling on your face.

Dewy Skin

Liza has astoundingly healthy skin that she isn’t afraid to flaunt. As part of her fresh-faced look, she skips the heavy makeup and goes for a dewy look that is perfect for the summer. Our favorite K-drama stars are the pioneers of this makeup trend, but it’s no secret that our very own Liza has taken it for her own and worked it.

For a natural and dewy glow, skip the foundation and use BB cream to even out your skin tone. Go over the high points of your face with a cream highlight to add that extra sparkle.

White Ensemble

Black has been the power color of the past couple of years, but Liza Soberano just makes us go nuts over her white outfits. With Liza, white, not orange, is the new black.

Instead of the predictable floral prints and pastel colors that have been in vogue the past few summers, wear a white tank top for a change. Clean and simple – you can never go wrong with a white outfit like Liza’s.

Nude Coral Lipstick

What’s this talk about how there are no in-betweens for lipsticks? That we girls can only go for either the bold, dark lip or the safe pinkish nude? Liza breaks the mold and tells us that there is, in fact, a middle ground: her signature nude coral lip.

A nude coral lip is both bold and subtle because it brightens up the face without calling too much attention to itself. It’s a perfect summer color on the lips, especially when worn with a white outfit.

Stylish Sunglasses

Don’t forget your sunglasses. Liza goes for a classic John Lennon pair with black lenses but feel free to go wild with your choice. Sunglasses are a great way to show your sense of fashion in an otherwise straightforward outfit. Just make sure they’re dark enough to protect your eyes from sunlight.

There’s no need to go great lengths to cool down in the summer. Liza Soberano knows what it takes to look fresh in the heat and now, so do you!