My Organi Philippines’ Youth Infusing SKINvestment

I confess that I never really took good care of my skin, in the past. And then I started seeing the effects of all my bad habits — sleeping with makeup on, never drinking enough water, and never putting on sunblock. My skin felt dry and I started seeing fine lines creeping around the corners of my eyes. So when I read online reviews for the Organi Philippines skincare products and found they’re now available in the Philippine malls, I thought: go big or go home looking like a raisin.

It’s been a month and I have to say, the cost of the products has definitely been worth it! You probably won’t be able to tell that I neglected my skin, most of my life (Oops!).

From Origani Philippines website

How does it work? Organi Philippines Cosmetics makes it easy by providing a full lineup of products that work together to provide the best help for skin. I used the Ageless by Nature Youth Infusion Booster Serum first. It felt like a great start towards my skin rejuvenation goals as it provides a wider sweep in terms of boosting the skin’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. Its ingredients soothe and help reduce the appearance of fine lines (they do have a specific product for that purpose – Youth Infusion Line Refining Elixir).

I will not lie: it can hurt the pocket! It’s my fault, too? Maybe if I had taken better care of myself, I wouldn’t need as potent a set of products. Most products never worked as well on me as Organi’s, and none quite as fast. Another bonus, I find, is that the packaging really calls out to me. It’s very simple: gold hued bottles and jars with clean lines and clear text. But on a cluttered vanity table, they do stand out.

From Origani Philippines

So what’s the take away here? Ladies, listen to your mama. Or your grandma. Or whoever in your family has told you, since your younger days, to be kind to your body. I’m at the point where I don’t even know if I want to look back at my photos from last year or the years before that. Why? Everyone I know has asked me what I’ve been doing. Is it my diet? My lifestyle? Am I less stressed at work?

It’s a little scary and gratifying, at the same time: I know I made the right decision to invest in Organi Philippines skin care!

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