Hello from Filipina Voice: A Blog for Filipinas, Run by Filipinas

Whether you’re a Filipina in the Philippines or anywhere else in the world, Filipina Voice is for you. The best Filipina bloggers and authors are behind our how-to pieces, beauty articles, celebrity gossip features, and so much more.

Founded in 2017, we aspire to be the online magazine that Filipinas go to for advice and inspiration about anything under the sun, from tips on how to find the best natural makeup to cheat sheets for copying your favorite celebrity’s style. We want to be a home for Filipinas everywhere.

What is a Filipina?

The dictionary defines a Filipina as a “girl or woman who is a native or an inhabitant of the Philippines.” And a broad definition is certainly needed: the diversity of cultures in the Philippines has revolutionized what it means to be a Filipina.

There are millions of Filipinas all over the world with different eye colors and different skin tones, who speak different languages, come from different parental backgrounds, wear different clothing styles, and uphold different cultural beliefs. Likewise, there are also women who weren’t born in the Philippines and yet consider themselves to be the Filipinas that we know ourselves to be.

If you’re a woman and you have the spirit of the Filipino, you are a Filipina.

Celebrating the Modern Filipina

Filipinas are the travelers of the world. We roam far from our motherland to see what’s out there. But we also live in a world where it’s easier to connect with each other, and we have the World Wide Web to thank for that.

Filipina Voice wants to bring together the Filipinas of the world, to celebrate womanhood in this day and age, and to revel in the wonder of being a Filipina.